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Doctor Who: The Wedding Of River SongThe finale of Doctor Who has aired. The climax to a convoluted (if not complex) year long arc regarding the Doctor’s own death, not to mention the point where we get answers to all those fiddly River Song questions.

So… did it deliver on all of that? And aside from the pressure to resolve stuff, how was it?

Winston Churchill Downloads Pterodactyls

Not how one might expect; Moffat seemed more concerned with showing off ideas and images than providing heart-stopping drama. To be honest, once you’d processed the reappearance of the Tessalecta and the “touching kills” mechanic between the Doctor and River, it was possible to guess the plot resolution. As in, I more or less did.

So if you wanted edge-of-the seat action that left you crying and breathless, no, it didn’t go there. But to be honest, Russell T. Davies shot for that with every single one of his finales, normally with success, so I don’t object to Moffat doing something different. Also, I already felt crushing sadness during The Girl Who Waited and The God Complex anyway.

And the little images, one-liners and scenes really were cool, meaningful and effective. Loved the all-times-at-once world, as well as moments between partially-amnesiac Rory and Amy, the Silence referencing Rory’s many deaths, the big maternal discipline from Amy, many others. A great experience, and what more could I ask for? If your episodes are this enjoyable and sweet, I’ll forgive you a lot.

Undercover TARDIS

More interesting, almost, than dissecting the story itself is wondering where they go next. The Doctor is now “flying under the radar”, with no real companions? Does that mean Amy and Rory are only part-time? If he genuinely is going to play dead, that could be interesting. And I was ready to whine if they left The Question unrevealed, but no. Well played, Mr Moffat. Made me smile.

And, since this is the last review of series six, time to get my sweeping statements on. The back half, I think, has been amazingly strong. The weakest episode was Night Terrors, and only because it was merely good rather than excellent. I still think the first half this year rang hollow in too many places, but nonetheless, I’m back on board now. Shame we apparently don’t get series seven until this time in 2012.

So, now it’s all over, how do you feel about The Wedding Of River Song, and indeed Doctor Who series six? Catch up with the episode on iPlayer and chip in below.

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    I didn’t guess the ended which means I did a real life LOL at the reveal. I think I may have clapped my hands in a moronic fashion also. I really enjoyed it. I much prefer funny Who to mawkish Who.

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