Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy – Dork Review

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy

Last time: dinosaurs. This week, Doctor Who hits another trope: the Western. And with “Mercy” writ large in the title, it’s no surprise the Doctor’s here to wrestle with thorny issues of justice, ethics and clemency. Obviously, aliens, horses and shootouts too. Watch it on iPlayer before … [Read more...]

Doctor Who – New Series 7 Trailer!

Doctor Who - Series 7

The latest Doctor Who trailer has just appeared! With just over three weeks until the likely air date of August 25th, it was about time we saw some promo, and sure enough, here's a full 90 seconds of footage from the new episodes. Especially since we already had a trailer for Merlin, and that … [Read more...]

Doctor Who: Good As Gold – Dork Review

Doctor Who: Good As Gold

Just as I’d resigned myself to no more Doctor Who until autumn, the BBC have produced the latest winner of their Script To Screen competition: Good As Gold, the Olympic tie-in edition. So, this mini-episode was written by Britain’s school-children - does this mean I hold back on the critical … [Read more...]