Doctor Who: Good As Gold – Dork Review

Doctor Who: Good As GoldJust as I’d resigned myself to no more Doctor Who until autumn, the BBC have produced the latest winner of their Script To Screen competition: Good As Gold, the Olympic tie-in edition.

So, this mini-episode was written by Britain’s school-children – does this mean I hold back on the critical analysis?

Most Topical Who Episode Ever?

Well, yes, it does. You can see Good As Gold below, it’s only a few minutes long, and in the name of avoiding spoilers, I’ll do the reviewing below it.

In terms of characters and themes, what we see here is… oh, who cares? It’s got some cute Doctor/Amy banter at the start, then twee Olympic stuff, Matt Smith is happy to lark around, the end. It’s three minutes long; this will cost you about one head-scratch. And to be honest, the last Olympic Who moment (Fear Hear in series two) wasn’t really any better.

Shame there’s no Rory, but it’s not as if there’s much space for him, and god only knows where this fits into the plot anyway. I gather the Weeping Angels are back next series, so it’d be funny if the ending ended up being used in continuity.

Anyway, it’s not much, but it’s a pleasant enough booster shot during the long wait for series seven. Next up: Torchwood expose themselves during the Queen’s Jubilee?

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