Doctor Who: Good As Gold – Dork Review

Doctor Who: Good As Gold

Just as I’d resigned myself to no more Doctor Who until autumn, the BBC have produced the latest winner of their Script To Screen competition: Good As Gold, the Olympic tie-in edition. So, this mini-episode was written by Britain’s school-children - does this mean I hold back on the critical … [Read more...]

The GREE Platform – Dork Preview

Yoshikazu Tanaka of GREE and Geoffroy Sardin of Ubisoft

Yesterday, I was Eurostarred to Paris by a Japanese internet company called GREE to attend a big press conference. They were announcing their partnership with Ubisoft and Gameloft to move into the western social gaming market, where they hoped to repeat their massive success in Japan. So, if GREE … [Read more...]

Misfits – Series Two Is Coming

Misfits - Series Two Premiere

The new series of Misfits is almost here, starting on E4 on Thursday 11th November. Which means more unvarnished super-power abuse, twisted humour and, somehow, weirdly touching moments. I personally enjoyed the hell out of that show, as indicated by the impassioned ode to Misfits that I posted … [Read more...]