Misfits – Series Two Is Coming

Misfits - Series Two PremiereThe new series of Misfits is almost here, starting on E4 on Thursday 11th November. Which means more unvarnished super-power abuse, twisted humour and, somehow, weirdly touching moments.

I personally enjoyed the hell out of that show, as indicated by the impassioned ode to Misfits that I posted on this website a few months back. I was thus thrilled to attend a premiere event in a London cinema, where they showed the first episode of the new series and put on a Q&A with cast, creators and Jonathan Ross! More excitement follows, plus actual series news!

Needlessly Teasing The Return

I imagine there will be a full review of episode one once it has aired on the televisual box. But rest assured, it’s everything we liked about the first series, from the disturbing humour to the manic anything-can-happen attitude.

There’s both revisitation of dangling plot threads from last year and quick introduction of new elements. In short, it’s all good, and Wossy says the next two are even better.

Questions & Answers

Which brings me neatly onto the panel discussion, with series writer Howard Overman, director Tom Green and cast members Robert Sheehan (Nathan) and Lauren Socha (Kelly). A few interesting nuggets leaked out, including Overman’s hope of bringing in other writers to work on the show, after a couple of tiring years writing every episode himself. But apparently he’s tried this before and not managed to make it work, so we’ll have to wait and see.

He may also be considering spin-off comics after some biased economic arguments by Mister Ross. Oh, and if you were waiting for a detailed explanation of that storm in the very first episode, it might be a while, as the writer admits he doesn’t know and has no plans to make one up.

Gossip Mongering

In terms of newsworthy revelations, Ross seemed to let slip about a likely third series for next year, before being reprimanded by Overman for saying too much. Also, a movie is unlikely, as they don’t want to go back over old ground or simply make a long episode of the show.

Chatter has happened about a potential American remake, but that’s another thing they aren’t allowed to talk about. The already-announced Christmas special will air at the end of the new run, and be festive. After a fashion.

Living The Dream

I’d be remiss to report on this event without mentioning Ross’s authentic bright orange Misfits shellsuit. More importantly, his nerdish enthusiasm shone through as he conducted the questions. Clearly he took this gig out of love. Bravo.

Anyway, if you aren’t up to date with the BAFTA-winning Misfits for some reason, it is still viewable online via the 4OD website. Hurry! You still have time! And then we can have a discussion below about our hopes for the new series. Or you can ask me if that nice Robert Sheehan is just as handsome in real life.

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  1. Michelle says

    I absolutely loved the first series of Misfits. I very nearly wrote it off because I had heard it described as a Skins type teen drama, which just didn't appeal to me. I am really glad I was encouraged to give it a go though – it is truly an outstanding example of British drama at its best

    I cannot wait for Series Two

    • says

      Yeah, disappointingly few people I knew seemed to watch it when it first aired. But I've managed to get a lot of friends to check it out on 4OD since then, happily. The BAFTA win did help.


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