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Misfits: Series 2, Episode 5As Misfits has continued, they’ve worked their way through the big taboos in swearing, sex and violence, and this week, they finally cover one of the big ones. In fact, it’s more or less only incest left now. Can’t wait for that to turn up.

And it’s not even the only disturbing sexual event in Misfits this week, oh no. But shocking content aside, is it any good?

With Powers Like These

In knowingly ironic imagery this week, we see the “team” dressed up as superheroes and standing on a roof-top overlooking the city.  I was a little disappointed they didn’t yank more jokes out of that, actually, but the closing shot of them was still pretty funny, as was Nathan’s (typically profane) reaction to his costume.

But despite that, they are acting more heroic these days, albeit in small doses. Nathan has actyakky been the worst culprit, what with showing signs of caring about Simon, as well as his willingness to self-sacrifice last week. Simon himself, meanwhile, continues his journey to maturity, albeit in a more shallow way.

After the rather storyline-juggling and crazy twists of earlier weeks, this one did feel like a bit “standard”, perhaps. I enjoyed it, but I’m not as deliriously overjoyed as I was when I wrote this review last week.

The Calm Before The Something

Next week, in fact, is the series finale, so perhaps this was meant to be a quiet spell before huge events hit us. It’s not that things didn’t happen; in fact relationship storylines took a few leaps forward. We saw Kelly finally having a love interest that isn’t Nathan, Curtis and Nikki growing closer and Alisha starting to see a new side in Simon.

I also noticed the flashforward Curtis scene from episode two, although they played it cool rather than having him immediately yell “Oh my god, I remember!” Instead, I more or less shouted that from my living room. It’s good to see them taking the time to tie off those loose ends.

A decent episode, then, and I liked the deliberately unusual twists in the Simon plotline, but not as blow-me-away amazing as previous ones. Hopefully the finale next week will give us one last dose of amazingness, not to mention the Christmas special afterwards. In the meantime, do check this episode out on 4OD and let the group know if you agree.

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    Loved this episode. Possibly not as good as last week, but I'm always happy when Kelly is getting a lot of airtime. It was nice that she and Bollo from the Mighty Boosh had that special time together.


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