Misfits: Series 3, Episode 6 + Erazer mini-episode – Dork Review

Misfits: Series 3, Episode 6A double-dose of Misfits this week, as we get not only a new regular episode, but one of those online short stories too. This one is called Erazer, and introduces the gang to the closest they’ve yet come to a “costumed super-villain”.

Although it looks like Seth might be bending that way in the main story too. Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

Rudy & Simon – Penis Detectives

There’s a lot going on this week,to be honest. Without even talking about that Erazer thing, we’ve got Rudy’s quest for his own penis, Curtis’s “pregnancy” and the ongoing Kelly/Seth saga, which finally gets interesting now we’re past the flirting.

Much like last week, I enjoyed this for the sheer manic energy. Everything was going by quickly, Rudy was on-screen a lot, and that guy really can sell an episode on both loud-mouthed charisma and, just occasionally, genuine emotion. Simon’s role as his despairing sidekick also amused me a lot.

Seth – Evil Or Crazy?

Enjoyed the in-jokes about probation workers, about time Alisha had something to do, I think everyone even used their powers, which hasn’t happened for a while. Well, okay, maybe not Kelly, unless we count Erazer in this. Still, felt like a meaty piece of TV, with enough crazy penis moments to remind me of classic Misfits.

Curious where they’re going with Seth: it looks like he’s merely misguided rather than evil, but the final subplot scene with him and Curtis was an interesting one. Shame if they’ve taken Curtis’s gender-switching power already, but at least they did a good episode while he still had it.

Erazer – A Short Nature Walk

Meanwhile, Erazer was… odd. I expected a tangential addition to the main story, but no, unless the title character is coming back to play a part, it was a random detour, in which our heroes spout needless exposition about their powers and what’s going on, as if they’re in a Saturday morning cartoon. Aside from a few fun moments with Rudy, there wasn’t much here.

To be honest, you could get away with not watching Erazer. If it turns out to be crucial to the series, feel free to call me names in the comments later. Our main episode this week, though, was a good piece of work. Even if this third run did slow a bit in the middle, maybe we’ll get a decent ending yet.

Check out the episode on 4OD, and Erazer as well if you like, and let us know below how this is going for you.

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