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Misfits: Series 3, Episode 4This week in New Misfits, the show marks an occasion that most do not bother with. Admittedly, they showed it a week late, but it’s the Remembrance Day episode. Well, it isn’t mentioned and there are no obvious poppies, but the close-ups of the war memorial and general message seem dead on.

So, can the sweary kids make history fun again?

What If The Nazis Had Mobiles?

Slightly oddly, it’s also a whole episode devoted to revisiting Curtis’s time rewinding power from the first two years, presumably because they missed the opportunities it gave them to muck around. It’s almost as if they wish they’d never written it out.

And the episode itself uses an old scifi standard: what if the Nazis won the war? It’s been a horse well-flogged over the years, and to be honest, I’m not sure Misfits adds a huge amount here. Previous Misfits alternate future episodes featured such amusements as The Amazing Dairy Kid, this one didn’t seem to bring much new to the table.

It was a competent enough walk through the procedure, including the obligatory death of a major character, and I was pleased to see they bothered to write Kelly out of having the wrong power at the end, but it simply didn’t excite me somehow. I also saw the trick they used to escape the situation coming a bit earlier than I’d like.

We Love Kelly & Rudy

Also, I think this was meant to be Kelly’s episode, but she didn’t really come out as the focal point until the last ten minutes. Until then, I was genuinely wondering if any particular character was meant to be at the centre of this. Lauren Socha is still great as that character, don’t get me wrong, and she still gets some good lines.

And yes, Rudy’s scenes were the most entertaining part, which is something I seem to be writing in most reviews. So yes, Misfits, you have successfully sold me on the new guy. He’s great, and the series premiere which focused on him was good too.

However, this is the second episode running that, to be honest, has seemed flat and uninspiring. Even Kelly’s romance with Seth The Power Broker is starting to seem like it’s running on the spot rather. I can but sit back and hope it improves. Check out the episode on 4OD and let me know if I’m being overly harsh.

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  1. Emma Cossey says

    I hate to admit it – but I found this episode fairly boring. It’s several episodes in now and I still can’t shake the feeling that someone’s missing – as much as I like Rudy. Also, I remain unconvinced about the coupling of Kelly and Seth. Sadly, if next week’s show is anything like the last two, I might have to give up on it.

    • says

      I’m unlikely to give up this close to the end (well, if I even had the option), but yeah, the last couple have been really flat, which is disappointing for Misfits. And even the one before that was only decent rather than great. I’m clinging on for another Rudy-centred episode.

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