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Misfits: Series 3, Episode 3This week, Simon to takes the spotlight in Misfits, and I would’ve written a much more amusing intro about that if he’d still had the power to turn invisible. But anyway, he’s a parkour-powered superhero now, with a beautiful girlfriend and the little-explored ability to see possible futures.

So things must be pretty sweet, and this will be a story celebrating good living?

I See The Future, And It Is Hollyoaks

While we’re talking about Simon’s power, something occurred to me: does he use his future-seeing ability during his big episode? I think he and Curtis are the only two that don’t get a chance to show off, and we saw plenty of Curtis zipping between genders in the previous episode.

Instead, this is mostly angst from Simon and Alisha about his attempting to become SuperGasmaskMan so he can go back in time and die to save her. It’s an amusingly ludicrous dilemma, although they are taking the soapy approach: he feels duty bound, she doesn’t want him to leave her, he ends up lying about it.

There could’ve been more, really. The main Simon stuff wasn’t particularly fun to watch or surprising. Obviously, it’s all set-up for future storylines, but maybe they should’ve let a bit more happen here, to give the episode more meat.

Rudy Struggles With Himself, Again

Not that there wasn’t entertainment value here, but most of it was in subplot land, or the flat-out comic relief scenes involving Rudy. His encounters with both the probation worker and SuperHoodedArmourMan were fun, as was another appearance from his duplicate. I missed that guy last week.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s attempts to date the mysterious powerbroker continue, with some choice revelations about his past. I assume we’ll get more idea where this is going when she gets her turn on the episode rota, but they’ve got my interest. It helps that Kelly is a much more entertaining character to watch.

Because, yes, the determined, earnest niceness which is Simon’s unique selling point does make him a slightly bland focus for an hour. Not Misfits’ greatest moment, less captivating than the last couple. Still, we’re promised Nazis next week, and as Doctor Who recently proved, they’re always reliable. Watch the episode on 4OD, and let us know below if you too felt a tad disappointed.

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