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Misfits: Series 3, Episode 8The end of the year is upon us, which means it’s time for some proper action in Misfits. There will be sex, death and perhaps some dirty jokes. So, yeah, a normal week for this show, but there will be even more of that stuff. Honest.

So, how satisfying was it? Was there enough Rudy for my liking?

Superhoodie And The Two Palavers

Having tied up that Kelly/Seth palaver last week, and it looks like Seth’s comeuppance ain’t coming up, it’s time for a return to their other unresolved subplot: Simon’s destiny to become the hoodie parkour king, and Alisha’s reluctance to accept that fate. A speedbump which is dealt with in the most brutally efficient way possible.

One the one hand, the build-up to this ending has been scattershot, I don’t think the storyline has been a major point since the Simon-centred episode ages ago. Whereas the Kelly/Seth romance has been consistent, this has been ignored. Still, the actual climax this week was pretty good, so it could be worse. Enjoyed the way they threaded two years of plot together.

Also good to see Nathan again, if only for a moment, although it is a shame we’ll no longer have Simon. The reappearance of Sally this week only served to hammer home his character development over the course of these three years.

The Attendance Records Have Been Tampered With

Meanwhile, elsewhere, a lot of comic relief scenes with Rudy; in fact the whole episode was played for laughs until things got serious in the last third, creating a strange sense of dread as we waited for something horrible and finale-like to happen. Loved Mark Heap as the medium though.

Oh, and Alisha is dead. Considering she’s an original cast member, I should feel sadder, but she’s always been the one they’ve struggled most to find material for. We are left with a somewhat decimated cast, though – I enjoyed the use of Rudy’s other self in the final shot, to make it seem more populated.

All in all, then, the third series is over and they’ve finished strongly, even if there was a rough patch in the middle there. The loss of Nathan has robbed the series of a certain manic energy, but it’s still a decent adult-themed adventure show, and the launch of new guy Rudy has worked well. Curious to see what they’ll do with this fourth series that’s been commissioned.

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