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The Walking Dead: TriggerfingerFor those complaining that The Walking Dead season 2 has been too much talk and too little shamble-shoot-shock, this episode should serve as welcome catharsis. There are deaths of both the zombies and the living, as well the usual angst, of course.

So, is this what we need? The finest episode in weeks? Or just so much sound and zombie?

Survivor Shootout In The Saloon

After that super-tense scene last week, in which Rick took drastic action to protect his own, we see some big consequences immediately, which by itself is a pleasant change from the usual weeks of hiding and muttering. It also gives Hershel a chance to bond into the group and, perhaps, finally get first hand experience that zombies are a bad thing, so maybe he’ll stop moaning.

I did find the logistics of the big street shoot-out a bit strange, are these guys just passing hicks or trained soldiers? Would that kid really take up a sniping position on a roof if he’s just some dude? A lot of this, of course, could either be silliness or clues to possible plots, we’ll have to wait and see.

But still, good to see some fast-paced action involving real characters again, it had been a while. Nice bit of gooey ickyness too, I winced way back when Rick yanked the leg off the fence. It’s like the good old days of… well, the first few episodes of this season, at least.

Zombie Grabber Games In A Saloon

Of course, there’s four episodes left after this, and it’s unlikely all of them will be balls-to-the-wall action. (And in this show, you know, there could be literal balls on the wall.) Still, a bit more balance would be a sight to see.

They still found time for the usual soap angst, of course, but without too much artificial hysteria. Yes, Lori’s flight last week was ridiculous, but her zombie scenes in the car this time were pretty cool, at least. Sure would be nice if something happened with Daryl and his newfound forest-loner act though. They’ve not got many weeks before that gets old.

There weren’t any moments that made me go “Brilliant!” or great emotional peaks, but we got a good mix of action and development, nothing overly idiotic happening, and, yes, even multiple zombies appearing on screen. More episodes like this and the complaints might dry up.

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