Who is Mister Rabbit and do we care? Utopia S1E5 – Dork Review

Utopia episode fiveDuring my recent, quite grumpy Utopia reviews, I’ve expressed hope it could still have a good ending – the sluggish pace might pick up as they race through the last couple of weeks to a conclusion.

Well, that time is now – the penultimate episode has aired. So, did they take their last chance at redemption? Catch up on the spoilers using 4OD before reading, otherwise they’ll probably kill you with a spade or rake.

Just To Be Clear, It’s Still Better Than Sinbad

The good news: after one episode of dull filler violence, followed by another of dull filler conversation, this is decent thriller action, as all the conspiracy players panic and bring matters to a head. Unfortunately, their various flailings do not co-ordinate well.

Barely caring about any of these characters still stops me fully engaging, although I did like the scene with Milner’s son, and indeed the bonding moments between Jessica and her brother, the crazed assassin, too. Also, credit for the torture fake-out with Wilson, I really thought he was going to do it.

The continued angst of our supposed “heroes” is mostly getting old, but it’s good to see them revealing their secrets and choosing a side for the climax. The episode chugs along at a decent click, and at long last, the events matter, rather than endless scavenger hunts and buck-passing. Even the Michael Dugdale plotline ties into the whole.

Is This The Dark Sequel To “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

There aren’t as many big conspiracy revelations as I was expecting, and the one we did get – the lethal flu vaccine is intended to reduce overpopulation – was fairly obvious, but maybe that means they’re saving the big ones for next week’s conclusion.

I should probably do some predictions at this point, but I’m not sure I have a clue. Someone should probably die, Wilson would be an obvious choice, or Jessica. And who will turn out to be Mister Rabbit? Jessica’s brother maybe, but I’m not sure he has the intelligence to be the devious genius they’ve set up for that role.

Have to wait and see. But in short, no, Utopia still isn’t amazing, but this was the best episode for a while. If you’ve been following the show this far, it might be worth sticking with it to the end, rather than throwing your hands up and quitting. (I apologise if the finale now turns out to be balls. And please don’t let them cliffhanger the whole thing out to series two, I might cry.)

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