Etsy Finds: Prim and Plush amigurumi molecules

This is an Etsy Finds with a twist as it is dedicated in its entirety to a single Etsy store. Prim and Plush have brought together science and craft in perfect harmony with their rather wonderful amigurumi molecules.


Let me introduce you to Mr Ethanol, or CH3CH3OH as he is known to his scientifically minded buddies, costs $25.

etsy_finds_mrs_methane etsy_finds_mr_carbon_dioxide

Or maybe you would prefer Mrs Methane, aka CH4, or her close friend Mr Carbon Dioxide who both cost a mere $15 each.


And if all this talk of science has left you thirsty then grab yourself a small cup of water for $18. Never has science looked so cute!

Which molecule would you like to see immortalised in crochet?


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