Muse Rabbit Ears Vibe: stimulating but cute

We’ve already established that Emma disapproves of any sex toy that’s got a cute little face on it. And looking at this Muse Clitoral Rabbit Ears Vibrator (LoveHoney £49.99), I think she may have a point.

Muse Rabbit Ears Vibe

Does it look happy to see you?

There’s something a little unnerving about this chap’s wide-faced grin. And the set of those eyebrows lead me to believe that it may one day turn on female-kind and devour us from the mimsy up.

If you’re less paranoid than I clearly am (I should probably seek help but the voices keep telling me I’m fine), this rabbit vibe includes dual motors (one for each ear) and 10 vibration settings, as well as a fully waterproof silicone body.

You control it by poking the rabbit in the eyes…

You see, now I’m back to thinking it’s creepy again. I mean, if you’re going get your rocks off by prodding a vibrating rabbit in the eyeballs, it’s going to turn ugly at some point. Its eyes, eyebrows and base light (or giant mouth in my twisted mind) all glow in time with the different vibration settings. None of this is at all weird.

UPDATE: There’s one on here that’s similar and it’s called the Totoro! That is a whole heap of WRONGNESS!

Yours from LoveHoney for £49.99.


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