Muse Rabbit Ears Vibe: stimulating but cute

Muse Rabbit Ears Vibe

We've already established that Emma disapproves of any sex toy that's got a cute little face on it. And looking at this Muse Clitoral Rabbit Ears Vibrator (LoveHoney £49.99), I think she may have a point. There's something a little unnerving about this chap's wide-faced grin. And the set of … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of Grey starter kit

Tickler Ann Summers

It’s roped us in and whipped us up into a frenzy of “kinky f***ery”: The Fifty Shades trilogy is a book phenomenon that has remained in the New York Times bestseller list for the last 12 weeks. Whether it’s the sex or something else that has us all addicted I don’t know (it's clearly not the … [Read more...]

The World’s first erotic alarm clock

erotic alarm clock

The alarm clock is a much-abused gadget. We silence it, ignore it and, on really bad mornings, hit it. Poor alarm clock. But, things are about to change. An alarm clock has been designed to get you leaping out of bed with a grin on your face. Hell, you might even look forward to being … [Read more...]

The Apple sex toy

Rianne S Rechargeable 7 Speed Forbidden Fruit Intimate Massager

Writing for Dork Adore means you occasionally get some very, very strange emails pop up in your inbox. Last week, I was sent the press release for an apple-shaped vibrator. I'm assuming it's for those who want a Snow White moment; or for those who want an intimate toy that doubles as a … [Read more...]

Halloween by Love Honey

Scorpion Vibrating bullet

Halloween is a bit of a rubbish time for adults. You're either left with the duty of creating a Halloween costume for your offspring, who are often bouncing off the wall from all the free sweets, or attending some awful themed party. In an attempt to improve this day for the grown ups, LoveHoney … [Read more...]

Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager

Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager

We see some pretty cool gadgets at Dork Adore, but very few of them are quite literally cool. The Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager (, £33.99) on the right is half ice, half bullet. It comes with a section that you fill with water, re-attach to the blue section on the bottom (also … [Read more...]