Giles Deacon 3D glasses from LG


It's not often that my major areas of interest cross over, but Giles Deacon has brought fashion and high-tech together with this pair of 3D glasses from LG (available now from Selfridges). The fuzzy pattern on the frame was inspired by TV interference. The shades allow you to watch 3D movies at … [Read more...]

3D TV: The Future Of Home Entertainment?

3D glasses have changed for the new brand of 3D TV

Cinemas have been offering three dimensional viewing for some time now, so it was inevitable that our living rooms would follow suit. After all, with more and more movies filmed for 3D, eventually the DVD buyer starts to feel they’re missing something. I imagine I’ll own a 3D set one day. So when … [Read more...]

The best gadgets at CES 2010

Lenovo U1

So, CES has drawn to a close, and the UK tech contingent is heading home. Or at least we would be, if something that looks suspiciously like The Day After Tomorrow hadn’t been happening in our absence… CES this year has been… fine. It’s been slightly more interesting, in terms of launches, than … [Read more...]