Board Games: Not just for Christmas


When someone mentions board games, most will have flashbacks to desperately not rolling that seven and trying to dodge Uncle Bob’s hotel on Mayfair, or racking your brains on that Arts and Literature question for that all important brown pie piece. Games like Battleships, Risk and Monopoly have … [Read more...]

Shop of the week: Nigel’s Eco Store


Here at Dork Adore, we're passionate about eco-friendly products and green living. Gadgets are good and well, but eco-friendly tech really ticks all the boxes. Sadly, it's still quite tricky to find a decent range of eco-friendly products. Which is why we're charmed by Nigel's Eco Store. Not only … [Read more...]

Which board game would Sherlock play?

Sherlock Cluedo game

Duh. It's obviously got to be Cluedo. Well, he was hardly going to have the sense of humour for a game of Cranium or Kerplunk, was he? Frankly, as much as I love Sherlock, I'd imagine he's the worst person to play a board game with. It was only a matter of time before the murder mystery … [Read more...]