Nursery Rhymes for the iPad

Story app for children

It might make you cringe at first -- the idea that we're now so phone-fixated we even do our parenting remotely -- but once you get over that initial gut response, you'll probably realise there are plenty of times when you'd quite like to read stories to your child when you're not actually there to … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S2 and Motorola Xoom Tablet


Mobile World Congress (MWC) allowed Susi and the Frackulous team access to the two latest 'must-have' time-sucks -- The Samsung Galaxy S2, a phone so skinny you might as well smash the screen as soon as you take it out of the box (it's going to happen anyway), and the Motorola Xoom Tablet which … [Read more...]

Frackulous: New site for app-addicts


Frackulous is new, and it's going to rock the app world to its very foundations. You heard it here first. Except I would say that, as it's my own personal baby. We'll be releasing an episode each week day (I have just found out how viagra usa many of those there are in a week - panic!) and each … [Read more...]