App Reviews: StumbleUpon, Fruit Ninja, Wave Launcher, Katango, Walkit

This week, we’ve got iPhone, iPad and Android app reviews for your, courtesy of the wondrous team at Frackulous.

Here’s a quick over-view of what you can expect:

  • StumbleUpon for the iPad. A great way to suck up the precious hours of your life, the StumbleUpon app will give you instant access to pictures of animals doing adorable things. If you don’t already use the toolbar on your browser, we highly recommend it (unless you have a dissertation to finish). StumbleUpon at the App Store.
  • Wave Launcher gives you more control over how you use your Android. It’s a “must-have” app, according to Susi. Wave Launcher at the Android Market.
  • Katango is a super-complex and clever Facebook contacts service, that groups your friends, family and miscellaneous randoms into different Google+ style groups. Katango at the App Store.
  • The WalkIt app for the iPhone comes from the kindly people over at WalkIt, who have helped many of us to discover the efficiency of using legs for commuting with instead of tubes. WalkIt at the App Store.
  • Fruit Ninja is a classic game for your iPhone. Simple, but addictive. Fruit Ninja at the App Store.

Check out all the reviews overleaf:

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