Getting an iPad? Protect it with one of these cases

Fallen in love with the new Apple iPad, and now counting down the days until they’re released in the UK? Why not use your time more effectively, by investing in a case or cover to keep it box-fresh and scratch-free.

Griffin Flexigrip

Griffin were one of the first brands to bring out a range of iPad cases. These Flexigrip cases on the right are made of a silicone skin which will protect against bumps, whilst still allowing for use of the touch screen. Like many of the cases, the price is still undetermined.

Luxury pink sleeve case for Apple iPad

This case on Amazon is only £9.99, but the design still offers a waterproof and shatterproof protection.

With a similar shape and style to the netbook cases, you could use this as a multi-purpose case.

Apple’s iPad Case

The official iPad Case is only available in the USA at the moment (priced at $39) but we should see it over here soon with the rest of the Apple iPad accessories.

The case protects your iPad and when folded backwards works as a stand to prop up your screen when you’re watching movies,

Contrary to the picture, it’s not a hardback case, but it should still provide enough resistance to keep it safe.

Belkin Grip Sleeve

Belkin have also gone down the silicone route, bringing out a selection of grip sleeves that don’t look a world away from their laptop covers.

I’m still not quite convinced by the iPad, and I get the impression the accessories brands are unsure too. The current range of products is fairly limited, so it’ll be interesting to see if this changes once it’s released in the UK.

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