Five great social media apps for your Mac


Got an Apple Mac and want to find the best social media tools? Here are five of my favourites: Lifestream £0.69 If you're most concerned with looking at what others are saying, Lifestream is a great app. It's a multi-network tool, so you can login to all your accounts and see who's saying what … [Read more...]

Kid Knowledge: HTML for Babies

HTML for Babies

So, this is weird. You can now get an HTML guide for children to get them web-savvy before they've grown out of their cot. The 16-page book is full of colourful words surrounded by bright HTML tags. Might not be a bad buy though if you're pinning your hopes on your offspring becoming the … [Read more...]

What if social media were a high school?


We've all got our favourite social media networks (Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a Twitteraholic). But what do our chosen sites say about us? The lovely Sarah Drinkwater (check out her lovely vintage-inspired blog The Enchanted Hunters) recently tweeted this infographic from Geekologie depicting how a … [Read more...]

Facebook Places: Why I won’t be using it

Susi Weaser tech journalist

People who blog, eh? And tweet? And check-in on Foursquare? Can we all say ‘Oversharers’? Except it seems we’re not. It looks like even the most over-share-y of internet lovers aren’t particularly embracing Facebook Places. Could it be? Could the Daily Mail, and your mother, be wrong? Maybe we’re … [Read more...]

Facebook: The Social Network movie trailer


If you haven't seen it already, the latest teaser trailer for the Facebook movie, The Social Network, is now online. If you use a Lost Boys-style cover of Creep by Radiohead and you flash up some dramatic looking scenes, I'm always going to be impressed. But despite that, it's got plenty of … [Read more...]