Facebook: The Social Network movie trailer

If you haven’t seen it already, the latest teaser trailer for the Facebook movie, The Social Network, is now online.

If you use a Lost Boys-style cover of Creep by Radiohead and you flash up some dramatic looking scenes, I’m always going to be impressed. But despite that, it’s got plenty of potential to be a great film — murder, intrigue and geekery. OK, maybe not murder, but plenty of geekery.

The film is out in October in the US. It’s directed by David Fincher of Zodiac, Se7en and The Curios Case of Benjamin Button fame, with Jesse Eisenberg from Zombieland as Mark Zuckerberg. Surely a perfect piece of casting?

So, Revenge of the Nerds 2.0?

Check out the trailer overleaf.

The Social Network Movie official site

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    The main appeal of The Social Network, for me, is that the script is written by Aaron Sorkin of West Wing and Studio 60 fame. The fact that the rest of the credentials are so good is merely a bonus. I'll be seeing this pretty promptly upon opening.

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