Shop of the week: Fab UK


Shopping online is fun. Do it in your PJs, do it on the commute to work, and do it when you're drunk (it's like a present to your sober self in a couple of days time). Shopping offline is not fun; you have to wear actual clothes. And deal with people inyourface. And queue for things. And – in … [Read more...]

Press the Enter key…


I have a feeling this'll be a Marmite piece of furniture. It's an Enter key stool. Those who love it will coo over a giant Enter key you can sit on (Fact: giant versions of little things are almost as brilliant as miniature versions of big things.) Those who hate it will point out the … [Read more...]

Five Dorky Pieces of Furniture of the Future


If you have a funky, eclectic style like me, you're always looking for something that'll light up your space; literally. And I'm not talking about the gaudy side lamp Aunt Milly gave you for your birthday. No. What I'm talking about -- my dorky devotees -- is the future of home decor. Here is … [Read more...]