Get fit at your desk: Fitbolt

fitbolt chrome

How much time do you spend each week sitting down? I tend to work at least 60-70 hours a week, and most of those hours are spent parked in front of my laptop. I have The Fear that I'll end up like one of those floating blobs from Wall-E. As the papers keep telling us, sitting down for long … [Read more...]

The best apps on Chrome’s Web Store

Chrome Web Store

Oh Firefox. I've loved you for so long. Your reliable add-ons and stylish customised browser layout have kept me loyal for a long time. But I have something to confess... I've been cheating on you. With Google Chrome. I'm afraid Chrome's sexy new Web Store has seduced me. And it gets worse. I've … [Read more...]

Designer Google Chrome Themes collection


Google Chrome has long been the best looking of the browers (which is why I went off and customised my Firefox browser to mimic it), and now the people at Google have got some famous designers to create some custom themes in their own, regularly imitated styles. Cath Kidston's there with her … [Read more...]