Shop of the week: Nigel’s Eco Store


Here at Dork Adore, we're passionate about eco-friendly products and green living. Gadgets are good and well, but eco-friendly tech really ticks all the boxes. Sadly, it's still quite tricky to find a decent range of eco-friendly products. Which is why we're charmed by Nigel's Eco Store. Not only … [Read more...]

Eco-friendly iPad and iPhone cases


A few months ago we did a round-up of the latest iPad covers and cases in anticipation of its UK release. At the time choice was extremely limited, but we're now inundated with options, matching the variety available to the iPhone. Happily, there are also a few eco-friendly options available. One … [Read more...]

Retro games clothes for kids


Ok, so the 80's bought us a lot of bad things. Bubble perms, shellsuits and Banarama to name a few. One thing they did get right, though, is Pac-Man. Incredibly addictive, I used to play this game for hours when I was a kid, along with Chuckie Egg (anyone remember that?) So, I squealed a … [Read more...]