Nokia Conspiracy For Good hits London

Nokia Conspiracy For Good

The weekend before last saw the first live action instalment of Nokia-backed augmented reality game Conspiracy For Good. The brainchild of Heroes creator Tim Kring, it’s an umbrella project harnessing the power of technology and gaming that is as much about pushing the boundaries of interactive … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Heroes – Season Four


Last Saturday, the fourth season of Heroes finally finished on BBC2. Well, I say Saturday, it was actually the wee hours of Sunday, because they crammed the final two episodes into a double bill, then shoved them back in time, Hiro-style, due to the snooker over-running. It’s as if they don’t really … [Read more...]

Is FlashForward actually any good?


You used to be able to dip in and out of TV shows. Soaps aside, television writers were usually happy to helpfully navigate characters back to where they started by the end of an episode. And if you missed one, unless it was a two-parter, it made no difference whatsoever. Now if you watch a … [Read more...]