How to skip dive

Door Stop Bottle

It’s amazing the things people throw away: in our transient, must-have-the-biggest-brightest-newest society, the littlest imperfection consigns our goods to the rubbish tip.  And that’s where treasure be found! I’m a great advocate of making something out of nothing. My little flat is … [Read more...]

Five of the geekiest clocks

Pixel Clock

I've never really dedicated much thought process to clocks. I've been known to spend quite a bit of time drooling over watches, but their wall-mounted big brothers have passed me by. But now I'm moving into my own little house, I'm starting to lend a little more consideration to them. And it … [Read more...]

Retro Robot lightswitches for the nursery


Decorating nurseries for a new baby always seems like a pointless pastime. By the time your child is old enough to notice the décor, he or she is going to have developed toddler-based design tastes and you're going to be painting everything Power Puff pink or something equally unpleasant. So, if … [Read more...]