The parents of YouTube

Louise and Marie (Sprinkle of Glitter and Bits and Clips)

As our editor Katie can probably testify, having young kids is a bit like having a full-time and a half day job on top of your actual day job. Time becomes a myth, personal space stops existing and what the hell is that thing called "sleep" anyway? Sometimes, you need a reminder that you're not … [Read more...]

Does your toddler need an iPad?

Joanne Mallon

You might have cooed over desperately cute pictures of little babies interacting with iPads, but does this mean that no nursery is complete without a few Apple accessories? Is computer play a necessary part of children’s play in 2012 – even very tiny children? These days, a toddler holding an … [Read more...]

Review: LeapFrog Advanced Digital Baby Monitor


There's nothing quite like having constant access to every grunt, squeak and snore your baby makes, and this LeapFrog Advanced Digital Baby Monitor (£58.79) is specifically designed for that very purpose. It also keeps track of the room temperature in the nursery, plays digital lullabies and … [Read more...]