Fifty Shades of Grey starter kit

Tickler Ann Summers

It’s roped us in and whipped us up into a frenzy of “kinky f***ery”: The Fifty Shades trilogy is a book phenomenon that has remained in the New York Times bestseller list for the last 12 weeks. Whether it’s the sex or something else that has us all addicted I don’t know (it's clearly not the … [Read more...]

Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager

Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager

We see some pretty cool gadgets at Dork Adore, but very few of them are quite literally cool. The Touché Ice Vibrating Bullet Massager (, £33.99) on the right is half ice, half bullet. It comes with a section that you fill with water, re-attach to the blue section on the bottom (also … [Read more...]

The Fun Factory vibrator range


I'm a visual creature, and I like it when a product I buy has as much detail invested into the design, as it does to the practicality. Buying a vibrator is no different. So I was pleased to come across the Fun Factory range. The range includes a variety of different shaped vibrators and other … [Read more...]