Attack the Block – Dork Review

Attach the Block Poster

Is Attack the Block any good? Why, yes it is, says Anna Waits... Like any fan of the Saturday morning-brightening Adam and Joe, I've been looking forward to old Cornballs' first directorial outing Attack The Block for some time now, though I would have dug the premise -- a gang of South London kids … [Read more...]

It’s Geek Pride Day!


Today is Geek Pride Day -- something I wasn't aware of until IWOOT's latest newsletter popped up in my inbox. Never heard of it before? According to Wikipedia, it's: an initiative which claims the right of every person to be a nerd or a geek. It has been celebrated on May 25 since 2006, … [Read more...]

Etsy Finds: Mmmmm Brains


This Etsy Finds is inspired, unsurprisingly, by The Walking Dead. I have watched the first few episodes and have to say I'm not entirely hooked yet but, in fairness, bearing in mind my preference for the eroticism of vampires over the bleak apocalyptic preserve of the zombies, it was always going to … [Read more...]