How to be a famous on Twitter


Back when the internet was all just fields and Twitter was populated entirely by technology journalists and twenty-somethings skiving off work, celebrities were a rare sighting. Nowadays, normal folk can't get a word in edgeways. If you can't beat them, join them! Which is why we've put … [Read more...]

Three new social networks to watch


As the resident social media geek at Dork Adore, I tend to sign up for new social start ups faster than you can say 'bandwagon'. This month, we've seen the launch of three more social networks that are set to take sharing to another level. Have you tried them yet? WIWT WIWT (What I Wore … [Read more...]

What if social media were a high school?


We've all got our favourite social media networks (Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a Twitteraholic). But what do our chosen sites say about us? The lovely Sarah Drinkwater (check out her lovely vintage-inspired blog The Enchanted Hunters) recently tweeted this infographic from Geekologie depicting how a … [Read more...]

Facebook undergoes yet another redesign…


I’m sure you’ve noticed – Facebook has had another redesign. I’m beginning to wonder if we need to stage a KatiePriceAKAJordan-style surgery intervention, such is the number of times things have been whitened, tightened, and moved a bit right(ened). But I’m not here to cast judgement (even though … [Read more...]