Super Mario Converse Sneakers

Super Mario Converse

I'm not really a converse fan. Eternal emo Avril Lavinge ruined them for me (and continues to do so). But these Limited Edition Super Mario Converse might just win me back over to the brand. The shoes have been created as a continued celebration of 25 years of the hairy plumber. If you fold … [Read more...]

Free Super Mario Mushroom Cushion Pattern


I have mentioned previously how well old school computer games lend themselves to cross stitching but that's by no means the old craft that works well. This free Super Mario Mushroom cushion cover pattern by the plaid scottie is a fine example of how good old patchwork techniques can be used to … [Read more...]

The best Christmas decorations for geeks


It can't have failed to escape your notice that Christmas is now well and truly on its way. Not only are people roaming the streets with mugs of mulled wine and German sausages in hand, but the Coca-Cola advert is back on our screens which is a surefire way to tell the holiday season will shortly be … [Read more...]

The best Halloween outfits

Doctor Who Cyberman Costume

Halloween. A time when children dress up as cute little pumpkins and witches, teenage girls put together a 'costume' that merges scary with slutty, and grown ups desperately attempt to create something that looks cool and yet effortless. No doubt this year's ghoulish festivities will be primarily … [Read more...]