The most exciting film of 2012?

The Avengers

They've been been building up to it for a long time now. Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk and Thor have all enjoyed a level of solo success at the cinemas. Now, they're all starring in a big fat slice of Marvel movie goodness - The Avengers. And they've thrown Scarlett Johansson in the mix for … [Read more...]

Green Lantern – Dork Review

Green Lantern - featuring Ryan Reynolds

This is one of those gigs where, reviewing it after many already have, I find judgment has been done for me. Green Lantern, I am told reliably, is at best disappointing, at worst a green glowing turd. I mean, look at this one. That guy is furious. So should I be joining the rest of the internet … [Read more...]

Thor – Dork Review


Following in the hissing footsteps of Iron Man, Marvel Studios brings you Thor, their latest attempt to push a lesser-known hero to a wider audience, in advance of his role in next year’s Avengers. But the thunder god is a slightly more fantastical premise than Captain America, Iron Man or Hulk. … [Read more...]