Toys R Us Ouija Board: Freakiest toy ever?


After seeing the Wii Baby and Me game last year, I figured we'd kind of reached our limit when it comes to freaky games for kids. I was wrong. Toys R Us in the US have bought out a bubblegum-pink Ouija board. Because who doesn't want to scare the crap out of their favourite little girl? The … [Read more...]

Is Guitar Hero ruining creativity?


This week, we've got a guest post from Jenny Williams. In recent years, it has become quite acceptable to find yourself at a party being challenged to perform your best SingStar song. Since 2005, with the release of Guitar Hero, play-along gaming has got bigger and bigger. We’ve been given … [Read more...]

Dork Review: Wii jOG


I recently reviewed the Wii fitness game Your Shape, and I loved it, so jOG was already off to a good start. The game involves a small pedometer-style accessory that plugs into your nunchuck controller. Unlike Your Shape, it doesn't have dozens of different features. Instead it simply adds a new … [Read more...]