Geek of the Week: Amy Schmittauer

Welcome to Geek of the Week!

This week, we’re going all digital and introducing the Dork Adore readers to Amy Schmittauer, owner of SavvySexySocial.

She talks to me about why video matters, the benefits of a no fluff policy and why we need to delve into digital…

DA: Can you briefly introduce yourself?

AS: I’m a social relations consultant and professional video blogger.

I specialise in helping brands with their content marketing strategy and incorporating accessible-yet-impressive multimedia to attract an audience.

DA: Tell me more about SavvySexySocial?

Savvy Sexy Social is my outlet to share the information and advice to help a community of brands show off their fabulous personality online.

Content ranges from business to media to lifestyle. I use a lot of multimedia such as photos, infographics and video to share my message because it’s more engaging for the audience and easier to take in the information. I post regular videos every week. A Savvy segment on Tuesday, Sexy on Wednesday, and Social on Thursday.

Savvy is advice from a strategic analysis and how brands can think bigger about marketing. Sexy is how to make marketing more fun and exciting instead of over promotional and annoying which usually includes design tips and tools. Social is from a conversation of user networking on and offline to grow an audience and awareness of your brand.

DA: What makes you a geek?
What doesn’t?! Honestly, the only reason I am where I am today is because I love video. I love technology. I love editing. It’s kinda ridiculous. So anytime I can play with a new camera or editing software, I could get lost for days. The only thing that pulls me out of it (besides real work) is watching movies. I love leaving my world to learn stories, culture, and cinematography by immersing myself in a film, even if only for a couple hours.

DA: What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the name of the website?
Obviously any opportunity I have to travel is fantastic because my biggest message to the audience is to take networking offline.

Social media is all fine and good to start the conversation but you don’t make things happen on Facebook the way you do in person or by telephone/Skype. Trips to conferences where I can get more faces on camera and learn more stuff to take home to my audience is the best content. So I would say visiting SXSW, Consumer Electronics Show, and Blogworld/NMX has been the coolest.

8) What would you like to achieve this year?
2013 is going to be a great year for me and video. I’ve reach a point in my consulting career where I know I want to work solely with businesses who want to improve their content marketing strategies by incorporating multimedia.

9) Any final words to our readers?
Take advantage of video. It doesn’t matter how. Once you start you’ll get better and better. You need that personal connection with your audience if you don’t want to get lost in the crowd. But don’t focus on virality. Just focus on your brand personality and building relationships.

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