Panning for Internet gold: The ping pong Death Star edition

Smoking Fish-headed Chicken

Turkey-Salmon’s day isn’t going well so far. In a moment, he’ll mash the keyboard with his rotting drumsticks and painfully access the orgy of links that you see below. And then he’ll feel better. And so will we. Deep breaths. Let’s review progress this week.

Boss Higgsoning

  • Some dude called Higgins proved he had bosom.
  • The inside of a camel’s mouth will haunt your nightmares. Seriously, don’t click  that.
  • When Mozart wasn’t knocking out concertors, he was writing pure filth for his mates.
  • Rippling muscles and flimsy chiffon blouses. Some romance novel covers are so terrible, they’re delightful.

A man’s seven-year-old nephew hates his beard. They make a film about it:

That’s no moon

See that seahorse see his seahorse self

All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat)


He’ll put a spell on you. ‘Cos your HIS.

This guy’s lip-synch is mesmerizing:

You liked all this, didn’t you? You want more? We aim to please:

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