Panning for Internet Gold: The Mos Eisley Party Rock edition

Whiskerina Woman in Red Bow Beard

Hello again, friend. Should we not stroke our magnificent beards and together marvel at the wonders of this modern age of ’email’ and ‘gifs’? We should. The answer is always ‘we should’.

I’m the Scat-rat

Did you know you can Party Rock along to the Star Wars Cantina Band? It’s all in the timing:

Pedigree jolie-laide

Jackie Chan and a Panda Kiss

Jackie Chan loves Pandas. This one really loves him back (pictured).

  • At this Minnesota Nursing Home, your mail delivery comes with a visit from baby ducks.
  • Comb the Wheel of Justice: Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer are back.
  • The lexicon of football managers: reclaiming ‘homophobia’ [insert suitably awkward emoticon of your choice here].
  • Now that’s how to advertise your awards show (link contains Samuel Jackson).

Cat-bank remains secure

Cat-banks are toys designed to maximally vex cats and simultaneously delight owners. Watch:


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