Geek of the Week: Amy Schmittauer


Welcome to Geek of the Week! This week, we’re going all digital and introducing the Dork Adore readers to Amy Schmittauer, owner of SavvySexySocial. She talks to me about why video matters, the benefits of a no fluff policy and why we need to delve into digital... DA: Can you briefly … [Read more...]

Five ways to use Vine


There's a new kid on the social media block, and it's called Vine. If you love Instagram but have a yearning for more moving images in your life, Vine could tick all the boxes. It's a social network for short videos, either created in one go or taken over time to create a short story. Each … [Read more...]

Velociraptor vs. Shark Whisky


The branding of booze often falls into four categories: Old man, in a hat, usually laughing. Fancy writing and a simple logo to appeal to the more discerning buyer. Birds & plants. SUPER CRAZY BRIGHT DRINKS WITH 'ZANY' COLOURS. Designed to scream out to teenagers who embrace the … [Read more...]