Panning for Internet Gold: The Gustavo Almadovar edition

This is a knitted Edward Cullen Off-Of-Twilight doll and everything you thought you once knew is now wrong.

Don’t worry. Just empty your mind and scroll and click and scoll and click and scroll and click and…

Knitted Edward Cullen Twilight Doll

‘His own ennui sealed in amber’


If you’ve got a great name and a public media platform, you can really work that thing. Watch and be mesmerized.

Sharp Suits Design Client's Daftest Feedback: The Dog is Off-Brand

Can we make the pig sexier?

Creative companies compiled their worst client feedback and sold beautiful prints of it for charity (pictured, right).

Batman doesn’t need your compassion.

Human eyes are a wee bit creepy when you get sufficiently close-up.

Grandad is fed sour sweets. He does not like it. Not one bit.

Watch Most Adorable Hollywood Couple 2012™ Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in their Spiderman screentest where we can only guess the sparks first flew.

An R2D2 engagement ring. If you liked it then you shoulda shoved a hologram in it.

Everyone’s just remembered how funny the Haunted Toaster is.

Someone had access to enough balloons to make Bilbo Baggins’ Bag End out of them. Boom.

Mechanical Maru

Not-So-Great Dane

Great Dane suffers under a reign of terror from his micro-pig oppressor:

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