New Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 trailer

Twilight: Breaking Dawn. But will there be a reboot?

Counting down until the next and final Twilight film? Did the last trailer leave you wanting more? Or are you looking forward to the series finally ending, and a nation of teenagers finding a new obsession? If you're part of the Twihard group, you might want to have a peek at the video … [Read more...]

The best Halloween outfits

Doctor Who Cyberman Costume

Halloween. A time when children dress up as cute little pumpkins and witches, teenage girls put together a 'costume' that merges scary with slutty, and grown ups desperately attempt to create something that looks cool and yet effortless. No doubt this year's ghoulish festivities will be primarily … [Read more...]

Vampires Suck – The Trailer Rises


In just over a month, Vampires Suck is released in the UK. From the school of cinema that brought us Epic Movie, Not Another Teen Movie and countless others, it attempts to mercilessly shred the Twilight movies. And other vampire cash-ins, but mostly Twilight. In fact, if you’ve somehow managed … [Read more...]

Twilight New Moon: Creating the wolves


The release of Twilight: New Moon brings with it a flurry of merchandise emblazoned with the 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' slogans. I'm so Team Jacob. Let's be honest, the CGI is much better for the wolves, whilst Edward has to be content with a bit of a shimmer in the light. Want to know … [Read more...]

Twilight: New Moon Trailer


It's time to book your tickets to the latest instalment of the world's favourite teen flick franchise, which opens this weekend. Cedric Diggory and chums will be back on the big screen in Twilight: New Moon, casting haunted looks and making free with the red lip gloss. Here's a sneaky peek at the … [Read more...]

Five things that are better than vampires


You can’t open Google, turn on the telly or talk to certain people called Charles at the moment without being assaulted by vampires, actors who have played vampires falling out of sub-standard nightclubs, and interviews with people who have written about vampires. You can’t blame it on Halloween - … [Read more...]