Panning for Internet Gold: the Anne Geddes nightmare edition

If life is a canine birthday party, then frivolous internet links are the malodorous, meaty cake. Take my paw and we will delve muzzle-first into the Pedigree Chum goodness that lies below.

Dog Party

You slapped a fish

Never gonna Roger Sterling

Aliens Will Hug You CoatLook into my link-eyes so that I may mesmerize

Aw, bless

In important skunk news, it emerges that Pepé Le Pew exists in the non-cartoon dimension.

Finally, interior design takes a cat lady’s needs into account. Marvel at the (frankly amazing) sofa with in-built cat tunnel.

Pet-owners continue their reign of humiliating costume-based terror over their animal charges.

You might have seen cat-hugs-kitten videos before, but unless you’re some kind of hideous secret reptile, they will never not soothe your soul. Try it.

A real pet penguin

Short film premise: Kids write a story. Adults act it. Kids do the voice-over. Hilarity ensues:

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