Panning for Internet Gold: The owl-naming edition

Flock of Steven Seagals
While you were making this face during all those interminable hours of Jubilee gubbins, I was up to my armpits in filthy, filthy internet (steady). Behold the bits that  pulled most focus from ‘er in Buckingham Palace.

Bird on a Wire

  • Ex-footballer adopts an owl, ignores naming conventions. Hilarity ensues.
  • Hot new trend: British comedians getting kittens: Exhibit A and adorable Exhibit B.
  • The Wire, The Musical features many of the best cast members, in glorious song:

Style advice for life

Am I a man or am I a Muggle?

It’s excessively long, it’s excessively funny and it’s excessively Muppet-flavoured. Watch the Muppets blooper reel:

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