Panning for Internet Gold: the Olympic Mars landing edition

While the world’s athletes appear to be staging some kind of ‘Occupy the Telly’ protest, there’s no better time to switch off and check out what’s what on the other tubes. We even begin with the Internetian roundup of Olympic highlights, to save you all that watching.

Cat in Batman Costume

Stuck on a zipwire with you

Kevin? Kevin?

The Wonder Years without the voice-over is just brimming with awkwardness:

Alien sweeps leaves grafitti

Shooting past the moon

While running fast and jumping high are all very well, a group of heroes managed to land a science tank on MARS. Watching them celebrate is endlessly joyful.

@Curoisity Rover might not be entirely official, though.

Maga isn’t allowed to have her cat visit her hospital bed, so technology spawns the total cat immersion project. *Wipes teary face*

How do Sperm Whales sleep? Oddly.

In brief

This ice cream advert is, well, terrifying. Not suitable for ever having a sound night’s sleep again.


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