Spice up your cooking with a geeky rack

geeky spices

When I was younger, I used to dream about cooking with spices in the same way Jamie Oliver chucks them in - instinctively and merrily. The trouble is, adding spices to a recipe is very much a scientific process. Too much destroys a delicious sauce, and too little leaves your pie tasting a bit meh. … [Read more...]

Dork Adore Gift Guide: The Scientist


Scientists get a bad rap. We're frequently shown in the media as bespectacled nerds who take everything literally and never have fun. In reality, we like to have just as much fun as everyone else; we just understand it on a higher level. And Christmas is no exception. Everyone has a sciencey … [Read more...]

Five lovely necklaces for boffins


If you know me, you'll know I'm a scientist because I'm enough of a dork about it that I tend to tell everybody I meet. So, the idea of wearing some science round my neck for all the world to see got me very excited. These science equipment necklaces (£6.99 each from Finest Imaginary) are the … [Read more...]