Panning for Internet Gold: The Great London Sports Day edition

If your week has not been immediately improved by this superhero manatee, then for all of our sakes, turn back now. These links aren’t for you, son. These links are for folks with soul.
Wonder Woman Manatee

Pick a flag, any flag

  • It’s London’s proudest moment, if you discount inspiring Charlie Dickens, recovering from The Black Death in record time and publicly taunting David Blaine in a dangling perspex box. Esteemed Mayor Boris welcomes the world to the Great London Sports Day, cassetteboy-style.
  • In the absence of actual ‘Lympic business to distract him, David Beckham keeps himself busy photo-bombing an unsuspecting public.
  • Poems about Gordon Ramsay are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Actual scientists really did create an actual jellyfish from a bonafide, not artificial rat heart. Shit just got frankenweird, yo.
  • And if that didn’t make you gasp, my red trousers just might.

Ride it, cowboy

Korea took one look at the shake weight and thought: ‘OK, that’s cool. But can we make it MORE suggestive?’ Skip to 28 seconds to see the resulting sexiness. Um, NSFW?


Big Head Squirrel Feeder

Tickle Me Bain

In the future, boobs are gross

Funny celebrities predict the near future in an attempt to end AIDS by 2015:

You want more links? What are you, some kind of internet addict? Luckily there’s all you can eat at the Panning for Internet Gold link buffet.

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