Panning for Internet Gold: the ‘Aliens gave my cat a beard’ edition

New year, new diet plan. My plan is to stuff as much food in my gaping gob as is simianly possible.

Now as reward for surviving your first full working week of 2013, let us play.

Banana-mouthed orangutan

My pretty face is not messed up

Christina Applegate in Spanx

It’s great when Jimmy Kimmel makes those shameless celebrities face up to real talk from normals. *Cough*

Purr InkKitten Imitates Owner's Tattoo

If you’re going to get ink, I can highly recommend cat Tetris.

The New York Times said some bad things and is so very very sorry.

Carrie Fisher wrote to Princess Leia. Refrained from calling her a pastry-headed eejit. Just.

Quit it, kitten

Pug is immune to kitten charm. And that charm is substantial.

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