Panning for Internet Gold: the productive kitten edition

I have amazing news. SCIENCE says that kitten pictures make you more productive. I see no flaws with this evidence. Let’s get BUSY.

Night Rock Climber

Hollywood type Olivia Wilde is the latest to get in the 7 Minutes in Heaven cupboard:

Dog in Wig

Harry Pugger and the Half-Pug Prince

Harry Potter pug is magically cute.

Stingrays are the cute animal du jour. Here’s a bunch of happy ones. Catch them before Corgis reclaim the honour.

Shark pet-beds are most pleasing.

Two cats, One frying pan.

This talking parrot plays a pretty mean game of Peekaboo.

How hungry is the Very Hungry Caterpillar? Profanely.

Keep on hoggin’

This hedgehog dressed as a vampire was re-tweeted to Transylvania and back. ‘Cute’ still has legs.

You might think that cosplay hedgehog would make this plain-clothes ‘hog look dull. But hold the phone –  this one really likes being tickled:

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