Panning for Internet Gold: The cat ballet edition

Some people think the internet is nothing but cats, pixels, lasers and unicorns. And those people have some perfectly valid points. But if you’ll take a walk with me, amiable reader, I will show you so, so much more*.

*May contain cats.

The Internet in one image by Jason Heuser

Dance, pony, dance

Lacking that snappy edge? You need the Bill Murray supercut. Watch. Repeat. Watch. Repeat. Watch. Repeat (and so on).

Cry me a donkey

OMG Baby Otters

This prematurely-born donkey can’t support its own weight, so it must wear casts until the bones develop properly. Those casts are pink.

This mightily impressive Dad runs triathlons carrying his daughter, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

A poignant reminder to make the most of your mates.

Sometimes, you just have to cry it out. Even after a feel-good movie.

Obligatory fluff

Insert annoyed grunt

Dan Castellaneta explains the evolution of Homer Simpson’s “D’oh!”:


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