Panning for Internet Gold: The Bieber-Cat edition

Cat Fights Dog in Most Dramatic Battle Ever Witnessed

If your week has been as traumatic as this moment captured from the ongoing feline/canine gang war, then you need links. Lovely, undemanding links. Feel the glorious texture of mah splendid, juicy links!

30-love in Michelle’s room

Hollywood news: in a similar gravity-defting vein to Lego Inception, here is Ninja Ping Pong:

Obligatory ‘Avengers Assemble’ content

  • In this column’s ongoing tradition of referencing those Avengers every crumping week, now Fatty Thor proves that ‘Real Vikings are fat and fabulous’.
  • In a sign that Avengers internet content has almost certainly jumped the shark, this week saw the introduction of Loki Cat.
  • Retronaut imagines Star Wars transposed into reality, whereas perhaps more pleasing is the delightfully pointless Star Wars Baguette.
  • Did you know what Keanu Reeves did with his Matrix profit sharing options? The answer’s rather lovely.

Cats are not the only gifs

Teeth Purse Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Plastic fandango

Those toy army dudes sure throw some fierce shapes:

Choreography for Plastic Army Men from David Fain on Vimeo.



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