Panning for Internet Gold: The Hula Hoop coffee-owl edition

Late September. Winter turned up early. The online community takes a collective breath post-Jepsen and waits for the next infectious phenomenon that might be mated with Star Wars references and an aggravated führer.

Don’t mind them, my pretty. Let’s waste a little time looking at the latest snark and photobombs.

Two Hula Hoops in Coffee makes an Owl

Deep Space 5,500


1973 saw the global peak of death-scene acting. Werq it, actor.


Mouse hugs a teddyNo, Mickey


The furry corner

  • Grumpy cat is not having any of it. I swear I’ve shared meeting rooms with its human incarnation.
  • The stakes are rising in the Stingray photobomb game.
  • A caterpillar is apparently like X-Box for gorillas.
  • Baby ape (complete with nappy) has the very life of his cat-mate.
  • I wonder what Barack Obama would look like, riding a lion and brandishing a crossbow. Oh.

Wake up, boo

It’s worth waiting the 19 seconds until this baby armadillo adorably roars into life.

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